Love. Simply Love.

Most people have heard the famous words “Kids say the Darndest things”. There has been many times that I have been completely stopped in my tracks, and blown away by how profound kids can be. I had one of these, profound and enlightening experiences yesterday. *Names have been changed At the closing event for this camp […]

Lessons from a heartbreak

Youth Group Lesson from 4/24/2016 This lesson was inspired by a few different sources. The Garden by Needtobreathe An excerpt from “The Reason for God” by Timothy Keller Reflecting on my dear friend John-Mark Myers Take a few minutes and think about a heartbreak that you have experienced. Remember all the feelings that accompany a heartbreak. Think about […]

Judging, a new way of thinking

Lesson from Sunday April 17, 2016. This lesson was inspired by some negative statements that I heard recently. The words were in a joking manner, but towards a person because of a difference in a beliefs. There is more details that were shared, but I will keep the rest of those details quiet and just […]